Residential Treatment Programs for Youth

Mountain Valley Child and Family Services (MVCFS) has helped California children and families through our residential treatment programs for more than 50 years. MVCFS provides individualized treatment services for boys and girls, ages 12-18.

MVCFS is committed to assisting those we serve in creating and maintaining a safe living and learning environment that supports health and ongoing growth. We strive to help children and families reach their goals through a continuum of support, collaboration, and prevention. Our team uses culturally sensitive, strength-based best practices to provide holistic and effective healing opportunities for all we serve. We believe that those we serve are capable of creating desired, permanent, and positive changes in themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mountain Valley Child & Family Services provides a continuum of care for children and families by promoting healthy, permanent, and meaningful relationships.

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Our services are facilitated by experienced professionals who care deeply for the children in their care. Services include therapeutic programs, mental health services, special education, and related programs that ensure permanency and ongoing therapeutic and community support.

What you and the entire staff
at MVCFS does with these boys
is amazing!

Diane W., CA (Parent)

Services at MVCFS are based on the collaborative efforts of clients, families, placement agency representatives, and our staff. We include families in all treatment decisions whenever possible and appropriate. We use the least restrictive interventions consistent with maintaining safety and effective treatments.

Our staff is trained to maintain professional boundaries while cultivating healthy, supportive, and appropriate relationships. We strive to deliver quality services in a culturally inclusive and linguistically competent manner.



The Boys Residential Program at the Nevada City campus (The Ranch) is located 12 miles outside the city limits on 900 acres of land…


The Girls Residential Program is located south of the city of Sacramento on three semi-rural ranchette properties.  

troubled teen girls taking care of animals


Concord provides urban families from the area with mental health programs and services.

“Thank you MVCFS for helping our family.”
-Jamie A., CA

“I think this program is fabulous. I am so happy.”
B.B.L., Arcata, CA

“I learned a lot of new things that have really helped me.-RLB, CA

“I have never heard him openly engage in discussions about family.”
John M., CA (Parent)

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