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Residential Programs for Troubled Youth in California

For over 50 years, Mountain Valley Child and Family Services (MVCFS) has helped more than 5,000 California children in our residential programs for troubled youth. Mountain Valley Child and Family Services provides individualized treatment for troubled youth and teens, ages 10-21.

Our Commitment

MVCFS is committed to assisting those we serve in creating and maintaining a culture of learning, improving and ongoing growth. We strive to help children and families reach their goals with a continuum of support, collaboration, and prevention. Our team uses strength-based, culturally sensitive, and best practices to provide safe and effective healing opportunities for all we serve. We believe that those we serve are capable of creating desired, permanent, and positive changes within themselves and their communities.

Our Settings in California

Our 900-acre ranch outside Grass Valley, CA provides a therapeutic setting where we facilitate individual and group activities to support the goals of our residential program. The ranch programs include sports, greenhouse/gardening, ceramics, woodworking, climbing, hiking, biking, horses, and much more. The ranch is an ideal environment for troubled youth to learn about themselves and deal with their behavioral and emotional challenges by exploring new interests such as tending gardens, and caring for animals.

Our Sacramento campuses each sit on several acres with opportunities for sports, greenhouse/gardening, swimming, biking, hiking, and working with animals.

Our Programs for Troubled Youth

Our services are varied and staffed by seasoned experts who care deeply for the children in our care. Services include Short Term Residential therapeutic programs, special education, Therapeutic Behavioral Services as well as services to ensure permanency and ongoing community support services.

Services are designed based on a collaborative effort of clients, families, placing agency representatives and MVCFS staff. We include family in all treatment decisions when possible and appropriate. We aim to utilize the least restrictive interventions consistent with maintaining safety and effective treatment. We train our staff to keep professional boundaries while cultivating healthy appropriate relationships. We strive to deliver services in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.

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