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Girls are accommodated at 3 individual ranchette-style properties in Sacramento County: Bardu, Bradshaw, and Gerber Houses.

Stepping out to the country without leaving the city is one of the many benefits of our Sacramento County residences. Each facility sits on several acres in semi-rural South Sacramento. In addition to home amenities and private spaces, residents have immediate access to multi-sensory de-escalation in the form of swing sets, sky chairs and ‘Chalk It Out’ areas, as well as small animals and a garden area.

Girls enrolled in these programs are provided with a full schedule of activities and classes that are purposely designed to help them meet their challenges. Programs include opportunities for sports, greenhouse/gardening, swimming, biking, hiking, and working with animals.

The Sacramento programs provide ideal environments for residents to learn about themselves and deal with their behavioral and emotional challenges through exploring new interests, tending gardens, and caring for animals.

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