Mountain Valley Press September 2020

This has been a year that we will never forget. The things that we have experienced in the past 6 months could not have been imagined in my wildest dreams or nightmares. We have grown up in a generation of relative safety and stability and most of us have only read about times like these in fictional novels or history books from days long gone by. Yet, here we are today facing a pandemic, economic disaster, unemployment crisis, racial injustice, social unrest and riots! What a year indeed.

I am certain that none of us would have chosen any of this, but that is the nature of life and always has been. We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose our response.

Despite all that has happened we have managed to keep going, to keep serving kids and families while helping and supporting one another. I am proud of all of you in the Mountain Valley community that have worked through this pandemic despite the hardships and challenges and have learned to adjust and adapt in order to keep on keeping on! I am so appreciative of the things that you all have managed to sustain despite the challenges of our “new normal”. Kids are still making signs and
working in the shops. Kids are fishing and riding bikes and taking hikes. Teachers are teaching and therapists are treating. Families are getting support and therapy and reconnecting with their kids. Some programs have been limited to zoom sessions and you have adjusted accordingly. Staff have been stretched to cover extra shifts and have worked tirelessly to maintain safety, structure and consistency with a group of kids that have had to endure the difficulty of adjusting to out of home care during a time when that has meant isolation from the community and limited contact with family. I have seen the work that you are doing, heard about it, read about it and, at times, bragged about it!

There is no place like Mountain Valley and no Mountain Valley without you all!

Thank you for all that you do!

~ Dan Petrie, CEO

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