teen residential treatment

We assess children in accordance with section 11462.01 of the Welfare and Institution Code as meeting applicable criteria for placement as specified in Health and Safety Code section 1502.4. Specifically, children appropriate for placement meet criteria as emotionally disturbed and are in need of mental health services and behavioral stabilization, but do not require inpatient care in a licensed health facility. These children typically have substantial impairment in one or more of the following: self-care, school functioning, family relationships, emotional regulation, explosive anger, frustration tolerance, cognitive functioning, and/or ability to function in the community.

We accept children who may have a history of suicide ideation and/or self-endangering behaviors, and/or serious violence towards others including family members, school personnel, peers and/or treatment staff. Dangerous behaviors related to mental health diagnoses and/or past trauma are carefully evaluated to ensure mitigations can be put in place to provide effective service while keeping children and staff safe. Children with documented histories of dangerous and/or violent behaviors in the absence of evidence to support the presence of a mental health condition, or Emotional Disturbance, are inappropriate for admission in accordance with WIC 11462.01.

We do not accept:

  • Identified Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)
  • Adjudicated sex offenders
  • Convicted fire-setters
  • Convicted auto thieves
  • Gang members

We also do not accept children:

  • Whose primary diagnosis is substance dependence.
  • Who are non-ambulatory
  • Whose levels of cognitive functioning inhibits their ability to benefit from the program.

We may admit under special circumstances:

  • Children determined to have borderline cognitive functioning
  • Regional Center eligible children

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