Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) is an intensive, individualized, one-on-one behavioral coaching program available to our clients who are experiencing current behavioral challenges that put them at risk of placement, losing their current placement, or transitioning to a lower level of care.

TBS is a short-term program that focuses on changing a child’s behavior while emphasizing the child’s strengths. TBS works in collaboration with the child, the child’s caregivers, and the primary mental health provider to address 1-3 target behaviors that jeopardize the child’s ability to remain in their current home or jeopardizes a successful transition home. TBS services are provided in the child’s home and other environments where the behaviors occur. Services are approved for 30-60 days and are expected to be a short-term activity. TBS can help children and their families learn skills to increase successful behaviors and learn new ways of reducing challenging behaviors.

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TBS unfolds in three phases:

(1) The TBS staff begin by gaining an understanding of the child’s behavior the under-lying needs to be met behind the negative or challenging behaviors. TBS then develops replacement behaviors for the child to use as alternatives. Strategies may include developing a behavioral plan that helps caregivers follow a step by step guideline to manage specific behaviors as they occur, or an incentive plan where the child is rewarded for choosing productive replacement behaviors.

(2) TBS staff next works directly with the child and those who care for the child. At this time, staff,, child, and caregivers learn together and take responsibility for their parts of the behavior plan. Interventions and strategies focus on improved self-management, self-awareness, and communication skills as well as the positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors.

(3) During the final phase, TBS staff oversees a transition plan to ensure that positive behavioral changes will continue. A child successfully transitions from TBS once the frequency, duration, and intensity of the targeted behaviors have been reduced and interventions and strategies have been transitioned to support persons.