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Mountain Valley Child and Family Services provides assistance for clients, families, and potential care-givers for reunification, changes of guardianship, adoption, or other placement transitions. With full support of Child and Family Teams (CFTs), we assist transitions to permanency by gradually increasing visitation frequency and/or duration over the course of placement, including an extended pre-transition visitation period as a last phase of a Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) placement to ensure clients and families have the support necessary for stabilization. During the pre-transition period, which can range from 14 to 30 days, we provide support staff within home and school settings at the request of CFTs along with continuation of necessary core services. At any time during extended home visits, clients or caregivers may request an immediate return to our residential program. The pre-transition visitation strategy is a vital component of our transition support plan, which will facilitate early initiation of transitions, and increase transition success.

Our mental health services are available to assist clients in achieving stabilization, preparing and assisting them with transition, and remaining with them post-transition until stabilization is achieved. These services may be re-started to support clients should symptoms re-emerge.

Intensive Home-based Services (IHBS) and Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) are available for clients to support transition from the residential program to permanent homes or other less restrictive settings, and ongoing if needed to maintain placement.

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